The Thrice-Gifted Child (Paperback)

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Troubled. Gifted. Unpredictable. Hunted.

Grace, teenage warrior, Duncan, former Grif-Drif, and their companions-the mystic and the doctor's thieving son-might easily be described in those terms, but none more so than the recently rescued Resa, Duncan's sister. Fleeing a tyrannical warlord, Grace leads her friends into The Wilds, a province devastated by long ago violence where the inhabitants are reputed to be fierce and intolerant. Yet, Grace hopes to find much needed answers from the mage descendants who might be residing there. Duncan and the others desire only a place to rest and regroup, safe from the violent man and his soldiers hunting them down. But as grandmother-quoting Duncan likes to say, "out of the frying pan, into the fire," an adage that will prove more prophetic than any of them expect.

The determined teens from The Shadows We Make continue their quest in the exciting and highly anticipated second book in the sci-fi/fantasy Shadow Journey series. The Thrice-Gifted Child, book two, blends science fiction and fantasy in a dystopian alien world with a distinct, first-person narrative.

Dune meets Hunger Games in this dark fantasy/sci-fi series set on an alien world with ancient ties to ours.

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ISBN: 9798987068106
Publisher: Potter Street Books
Publication Date: January 24th, 2023
Pages: 342
Language: English