Bookstore Membership

A Family Membership costs $40 annually and includes all family members living under one roof - and includes BOTH STORES!


  • 20% off your first in-store purchase after you sign up or renew.
  • 10% off everything all the time.
  • Two special sales per year, for members only.
  • Advance registration access to many events, programs, and camps.
  • Early admittance to Independent Bookstore Day (last Sat. in April).
  • Discounted prices to some ticketed events.
  • Reservations may be made for ticketed events without pre-payment, excluding camps
  • Free gift-wrapping (packages left, unless no other persons in line).
  • Free books from the membership bookshelf with every purchase.

To start receiving these great benefits now, provide your phone and email, and click the "Buy Now" button to purchase your membership through PayPal!  You can also stop by the store or give us a call.  When making a purchase, there is no membership card required - simply let us know you are a member and provide your last name.

Discount buyer program

Teachers, WHYY/DIY, Veterans, B2B, and Seniors receive 10% off all books, all the time. This is a discount program, and does not include membership privileges. Customers will have their information placed in our system, which should be updated annually.