Bookstore Update

To Pick-up at the shop:  

  • Please arrive during our open hours. Hours will be available as of Saturday, 9/5! 
  • A formal shopping "appointment time" is NOT needed to pick-up an order.  
  • Call us from your car at 610-928-8600. We will let you know if it is clear to come inside, or we may ask you to wait a few minutes for another shopper to leave. 
  • Masks MUST be worn at all times. 
  • You are welcome to spend a few minutes on the first floor prior to check-out.  


Shop By Appointment - Interested in browsing? Our shelves are full! Especially our upstairs - which is all kids. Click HERE for more information and to reserve your time!


Shop Online: Pick-up in-store OR have delivered.

Place your order online and select Pay at Store, Pick up at the store. We will call you when your book arrives, and take payment over the phone. 

If you would like to ship, then select your shipping choice and pay via Pay Pal. We will capture the payment when the book(s) have been shipped. 

 If there is a status with any of the following statements the book will most likely not be available. Please CALL US if you would still like to inquire about any books with these statements. If you place them in your cart it will add significant delays to your order. 

  • “Out of Print”
  • “Hard to Find” 
  • “Special Order - Subject to Availability” 
  • "Call or Email for Price" - PLEASE CALL