6th Anniversary Celebration

Join us on Saturday, 2/15, and celebrate with us!
 Meet our new employees, learn about our Lehigh Valley Book Festival, and chat books!

6 YEARS?!?

How did two tiny mice named Princess Pea & Despereaux become two huge cats named Bernie & Garfield?
How did a business that opened in less than 45 days in a 1-room shop become a business that works with 7 school districts and hosts over 100 events a year?
How did babies that enjoyed our storytimes become kids that now read to us?
How did our 9-year-old who started at Willow Lane Elementary School become a 15-year-old at Emmaus High School?

Although we are not sure how time flies so fast, we are sure we know how our shop is still in business. It is because of you. You are our family, you are our friends.

Perhaps year 7 doesn't sound like a milestone, but we can share openly that this past year has been the hardest yet. So we are going to celebrate - we are proud to still be in business, and we are grateful to our community members who continue to support us and are helping us grow.




Event date: 

Saturday, February 15, 2020 - 10:00am to 5:00pm

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