Lego Hogwarts Castle Community Build

Join us! Do you like Legos? Are you a Harry Potter Fan? Perhaps you saw that Lego created the magnificent 6000 piece Hogwarts Castle last year. We decided to purchase one and let our community help put it together. In blocks of 1hr, your family can sign up to work on putting it together, in our attic. There are a few rules (we ask you to really think about it before just grabbing a time slot) that you can read on the sign-up page. 

Thanks to an incredible donation from Liam & Emma K., we can offer this incredible, family-bonding and oh-so-cool experience, for free. Originally we were going to charge families $10 per hour to help us pay for the set, as our shop couldn't afford to do so. Then, on the same afternoon we decided to create this opportunity, a generous member of our community came into the shop with a donation to our shop's family, as a holiday gift. Through tears, and after a sincere hug of appreciation, we asked if we could use the donation to purchase this Lego set, thus allowing community members the opportunity to participate at zero cost. The ripple of kindness is a very, very real thing. We thank Liam & Emma, and their generous parents, and we wish everyone a wonderful holiday with their loved ones! 

Below are the days and hours we will have on a SIGN-UP GENIUS mid-December.  SIGN UP HERE! 

Sunday, 12/22 - 11am - 2pm 

Monday 12/23 - 11am - 4pm 

Tuesday, 12/24 - 11am - 2pm 

Closed on Wednesday, 12/25 Christmas Day 

Thursday, 12/26 - 1pm - 4pm 

Friday, 12/27 - 12pm - 4pm 

Saturday, 12/28 - no hours - writing workshop w/Gina Loveless

Sunday, 12/29 - 11am - 3pm 

Closed on Monday 

Tuesday, 12/31 - IF needed - maybe just to show! 

Thursday, 1/2 - On Display! 

Event date: 

Sunday, December 22, 2019 - 10:00am to Tuesday, December 31, 2019 - 3:00pm

Event address: