Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the festival cost money to attend? 

A: The main day of the festival, Saturday,  is free to attend, though various events throughout the day have limited seating. (Seating for those events will be first come, first seated.) There are two special events with ticket fees: Friday’s Opening Reception and Sunday’s closing keynote session with Mo Rocca.  


Q: I purchased a ticket to attend one of the special events, but now I can’t come. May I get a refund? 

A: Specific guidelines for refunds are listed on the respective Eventbrite ticket. Please refer to your ticket. 


Q: Do I need to register to attend the festival? 

A: The main day of the festival, Saturday, March 23, does not require registration. However, some sessions will close once they begin, so please check the schedule ahead of time. 


Q: May I bring books from home to get signed by authors attending? 

A: Only books purchased at the event are eligible to be signed. Let’s Play Books Bookstore organized the book festival, and selling the books is the only way it can be paid for.


Q: Will there be books for sale by all the authors and illustrators? Will all their books be available? 

A: All presenting authors will have books available for purchase. Some authors have a very large backlist, however, so not all titles will be available. 


Q: May I preorder books from the bookstore to be sure a copy is available for me? 

A: We are not taking preorders this year. We recommend joining the festival on Saturday morning and picking up the books you know you want prior to session start times. 


Q: Where will books be sold? 

A: Let’s Play Books Bookstore will be set up on the first floor of the Bethlehem Area Public Library on Saturday, near the main stage event space. 


Q: I am interested in exhibiting my product/book/service. How may I participate? 

A: The festival has a limited number of exhibitor tables available. It’s a juried application, and exhibitor applications will be reviewed by the leadership committee. Juried exhibitor APPLICATION LINK.


Q: The exhibitor tables are outside. What if it’s cold or rainy? 

A: All the exhibit tables will be set up under a large overhang and thus should be protected from the rain. The event will take place rain or shine. We suggest that potential exhibitors visit the library prior to the festival to get a feel for the location and determine what supplies beyond the provided table they’ll need on the day of the festival. 


Q: Why do the exhibitor tables have different prices for different types of businesses and organizations?

A: We priced the exhibit tables to make it an affordable opportunity to many. Nonprofits $25, for-profit $75. Authors who are self-published or use a vanity or university press that currently consign with Let’s Play Books Bookstore receive a $25 discount off the for-profit price.


Q: I’m a local author. How can I participate in the festival? 

A: The schedule of events was coordinated through publishers, as the majority of speakers are touring for their new books. However, there are many ways to be involved! Here are just a few:

* Attend and enjoy the sessions to meet and greet fellow authors. 

* Volunteer to work the festival.  

* Help spread the word to your writing community. 

* If you would like to sell your book/books, you may apply to be an exhibitor.

*We highly recommend attending Moravian’s Writers’ Conference, March 26 to 27. Click here for more information. 


Q: Where is the Opening Reception? 

A: The reception is in the welcome lobby of PBS39 Studio, in the Arts Quest Pavilion area, across from the Steel Stacks in Bethlehem. 


Q: Will there be food and beverage available for purchase on Saturday, March 28? 

A: Yes, downtown Main Street is a block away, with a number of one-of-a-kind independent businesses with yummy food! In addition, there will be a snack stand in the exhibition area with a wide selection of pre-packaged snacks and treats (including food allergy-friendly items).