LPB Ambassador - NEW!

Update - Applications are now closed. We received over 5x the number of spots we have available, so we will be reviewing (maybe re-thinking the program) and updating applicants shortly. Thank you!!!!


The beauty of our business is not only our books, but our READERS. We learn, grow, laugh and cry together - way beyond what a "store" typically represents. 

This leads to our new idea - have our awesome community help us through these uncertain times by advocating for local, independent bookstores! How? By doing what you already do - just with a bit more information


We are looking for a few LPB Ambassadors to help us from home – specifically, your computer. Selected LPB Ambassadors will consist of readers of all ages, styles & preferences.  Selected ambassadors will receive a greater discount* in the shop (household), and all other privileges associated with store membership. More importantly perhaps, you will be a part of the new small LPB Ambassador team - and who knows what that will bring

If you are interested, please complete the attached form by 2/14/21. Selected ambassadors will attend a 1-hr training zoom call, which will have time for Q&A afterwards. There is no obligation until AFTER the training session. 

*excluding some items, all consignment, net books, etc.