We have found it necessary to change our processes yet again, as the health and safety of our entire community is our priority. We closed the shop except for order pick-ups so that we could set up a POP-UP SHOP in our SHOP that will be open this Saturday, 11/28 - to celebrate Small Business Saturday. Continue reading...

In-store shopping details

  • Masks MUST be worn at all times. 
  • Only the front room will be open, with a clear plastic barrier to the middle room (so you can see items in the second room as well). 
  • Only one person or family-group at a time.
  • Please call PRIOR to entering - we will let you know if you can come in, or we will direct you to wait until the customers inside leave the shop. 
  • The front door will remain open during these "open shopping times" - even if it is frigid!  

Is this strange?  YES!!!! But what isn't these days?

 We have an entire second floor of wonderful books we wish we could share with you - so, we've come up with a few workarounds. 

1) If you have some kiddos to shop for, we CAN help! Give us a ring, and share with us a bit about the receipient/s, and what you are looking for, and the next day stop in and check out a pile of goodies we've picked for you! There is never any pressure to purchase. 

2) If you know a specific book or books you want, order on our website and we will be in touch if we CAN'T get the title by the date you've specified. 

3) We wrap - for free. We have craft paper light brown w/snowflakes or w/multi-colored books. Tell us over the phone or in the comments of your web order if you would like them wrapped, and which style paper. 

4) We will post a few videos beginning CYBER MONDAY of in-stock products. Like something? Order on the website or call us with your order. 

5) Finally -  the doors to the front room on Small Business Saturday, and the following Saturday (Old Fashioned Christmas) and wet find will also have a table set up outside with special items you can't find on our website.