Parties & Events - Space Rental

Let’s Play Books Bookstore Room Rental Guidelines            

Let’s Play Books Bookstore has two spaces that may be rented by Let’s Play Books members or through A Storybook Party. Membership must be current, and account in good standing. The bookstore is an old building, full of charm. In other words, there are special considerations! We are also a full service bookstore, and the needs of the bookstore must always come first. Reservations may be made up to 3 months in advance, however, Let’s Play Books reserves the right to reschedule the reservation up to 45 days in advance.

Community Cattic: designed for seminars, meetings, special events and parties.  Seating up to approximately 20. Stair access only. Space is mixed-use, and maximum number of persons depends on use of space. No food is permitted in the Cattic without prior approval, beverages on a case by case basis.  The space is not available in November or December.       

Up to 4 hours, $120.00        

 4 to 6 hours, $160.00           



Base rental includes exclusive use of the designated room, access to the public bathroom, trash & recycling bins and collection.

Limited food and drink is permitted, but must be pre-approved.

Set-up and clean-up must fall within the allotted time frame.

Room must be returned in the condition they were found.

A $50.00 security deposit is required to reserve  the Community Cattic.

Deposits will be applied to the balance due upon leaving the space, unless the room is cancelled within 16 days prior the event.

Let’s Play Books Bookstore reserves the right to deny the use of our space for any reason.

Rental time is available during business hours.

Hours outside of the store’s standard operating hours (change seasonally) may be available at the rate of $20 per hour or fraction thereof. 

No candle, or fire of any kind is permitted. No scents – via spray, diffuser, etc.

Use of music or anything audible (other than talking) must be pre-approved.

Let’s Play Books Bookstore staff will provide the room clear of debris & floor vacuumed. The room should be returned picked up and organized, floor swept and garbage collected.

It is our expectation that we will need to vacuum after said event.  

Birthday parties:  

If contracting with a party planner, we work exclusively with A Storybook Party. Visit for details.

Birthday/party times are limited to:

Friday evenings 4 to 8pm, Saturday afternoons 2 to 6pm.

Sunday afternoons 2 to 6pm and Monday evenings 4 to 8pm (outside of normal business hours, extra $20 per/hr is required).


Special considerations:

Members that would like to host an event benefiting a not-for-profit organizations based in the Lehigh Valley may apply for complementary use of space as a donation -  one time per year. 

Companies that do business with Let’s Play Books Bookstore may apply to pay in-kind for the retail value of the designated space.

Room rental is for private events. There is no charge to schools and non-profit organizations looking to host an in-store book fair or shopping event for their school community. 

Book Clubs that purchase their books through Let's Play Books Bookstore may meet 1 time per every 2 months (excluding November & December) free of charge.