Self-published author & Independent press information

Consignment Program

We offer a consignment program for local, self-published authors. This is a great way for our bookshop to stock your self-published title! There is a one-time $25.00 administrative fee, and we accept two copies of your title. We have additional marketing programs available, from website and social media to in-store events. Contact for more information on these programs.

Helpful information:

  • Please review the information and respect our process - it is in all of our best interests. We love our local authors and want you to be successful, and we know you want us to be successful too, a true partnership!
  • We do not set up appointments or speak with authors about their titles - unfortunately there is just no time! We process books incredibly fast, and if you follow the guidelines we will get your book on the shelf asap. We respect your time, please respect ours. 
  • Eligibility: the book business is extremely complicated! Below is a guideline to help you determine your eligibility:
    1. All local, self-published authors are eligible for this program - of any age!
    2. Local is defined as the authors' residence is in any zip-code within the county of Lehigh.  
    3. Titles that are not available to us through traditional distribution, with traditional discount schedule, or are non-returnable, fall into this catagory.  MORE: This means even if you have signed up with a service that says - "not self-publishing" or "we work with bookstores" - if they do not distribute through the established distibution wholesalers, then you must consign. If you are distributed traditionally, but do not have regular discount scheduled and returnable, then you must consign. 

Please note, we do not accept new books on consignment in May, or  October 1 through December 31.

Two times a year we will host a Local Author Night, and any authors that consign with us are invited to join us for a meet & greet/book signing event! 

Interested? Email and request a consignment form!